Fetching Multi-6 Figures with Ryan Erickson

Ryan Erickson takes us through his transformative journey from wedding photography to launching his mobile dog portrait studio, Fetch Photo Truck.
Launched on February 27, 2024

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Podcast Episode Number: #231

Date Published: 02/27/2024

Episode Length: 37:40

Show Notes:

231 – Ryan Erickson takes us through his transformative journey from wedding photography to launching his mobile dog portrait studio, Fetch Photo Truck.

The pandemic prompted him to reassess his career path and follow his true passion for dog photography – a move that has certainly paid off!

Ryan dives into the ups and downs of managing a mobile business and stresses the need for setting clear boundaries to keep a healthy balance between work and personal life. He also shares his marketing tactics.

However, a crucial ingredient to his remarkable success, which led to over $200,000 in revenue in just his first year as a pet photographer, is his unwavering belief in himself and his venture.

Throughout this conversation, Ryan unpacks the hurdles he encountered, the valuable lessons he picked up along the way, and his aspirations for the future.

He highlights the significance of self-confidence, generating leads, forging personal connections, and the art of making offers as fundamental pillars for entrepreneurial success.

What to Listen For:

  • A Leap of Faith: Ryan's transition from capturing couples' special moments to focusing on the joy of pet photography.
  • The Mobile Advantage: Discover the freedom and challenges that come with taking your photography business on the road.
  • Setting Boundaries: Learn how Ryan maintains a healthy balance between his work and personal life, ensuring he doesn't get lost in the hustle.
  • Marketing Magic: Ryan's creative strategies for attracting clients, from market events to engaging social media contests.
  • -Believe to Achieve: The power of self-belief and the pivotal role it played in Ryan's success, pushing his revenue beyond the $200k mark in just his first full year.

This episode isn't just a story; it's a beacon for anyone looking to pivot their career path, especially in the photography realm. Ryan's insights into the nuts and bolts of establishing and growing a mobile photography business are invaluable.

So, if you're curious about how to turn your photography passion into a mobile success story or simply love hearing about people following their dreams, this episode is for you. Tune in and let Ryan's journey inspire your next move.


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