Keeping Momentum Through the Holidays with Heather Lahtinen

Today, we are talking all about keeping momentum going in your business … even when you've decided to take time off.
Launched on December 6, 2022

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Podcast Episode Number: #169

Date Published: 12/06/2022

Episode Length: Keeping Momentum Through the Holidays with Heather Lahtinen

Show Notes:

168 -There's nothing quite like a ranting, raving Heather Lahtinen.

You get that woman excited about something and She. Goes. Off.

Arms waving in the air, talking about six-figure businesses and what do you want to do with your life … the whole nine yards.

And I love it.

Heather, the incomparable guru behind Flourish Academy and my business bestie, is my guest on the podcast this week.

We take a deep dive into core values, the rich life and living with intention.

Listen for:

2:20 How a parable of the Mexican fisherman relates to your life
9:05 Ways to get clear on what you really want
14:21 What the rich life REALLY is – spoiler alert – it’s not about money
17:30 Future workshop plans
27:53 The importance of your thoughts and what they’re creating

If you're feeling grumpy, low-level discontent, angst … whatever you want to call it … your core values may be out of alignment. This episode will give you a path forward towards fulfillment and contentment.


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