Navigating Thought Spirals with Heather Lahtinen

Self-doubt hit me hard, and our good friend Heather Lahtinen of Flourish Academy walks me through my thought process and out of my negative space.
Launched on October 24, 2023

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Podcast Episode Number: #214

Date Published: 10/24/2023

Episode Length: 50:24

Show Notes:

214 – I screwed up well, at least my brain was VERY happy to inform me about how I messed up and then help me dwell on it for DAYS.  

Thankfully I had a direct Voxer line and an SOS message to my mindset ninja Heather Lahtinen so she could talk me off a ledge.  

You guys, I'm human and I'm not (too) embarrassed to admit that I made a mistake. And I'm baring it all in this week's episode of The Hair of the Dog podcast. 

Here's the gist: I made some pretty serious assumptions about a client I booked last Christmas. I sold him a gift certificate as a gift for his girlfriend. I assumed because he is an acquaintance, not a cold sale that I didn't have to go through my entire process with him, that I knew what his giftee's budget was and that she would go above and beyond in sales what the gift certificate was worth. 


Fast forward to the sales session and that’s where my thoughts unraveled pretty fast.  

What to listen for 

2:42 What assumptions I made about this session 

15:25 What caused self-doubt and worry started to creep in 

18:12 The initial thought that snowballed into straight-up anxiety 

29:56 How I thought that thought was going to ruin my life 

44:36 How it actually all turned out 


I share these moments to help you think through not only your communication processes with your client but also the way our thoughts and emotions can lead us to get stuck in unnecessary worry and anxiety. 


What's keeping you stuck? Comment on the ‘Gram and let me know. 

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