The Gap and Gain with Heather Lahtinen

In this week's Hair of the Dog podcast episode, Heather and I talk through those terrors we all face and relate them to one of our favorite books, The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan
Launched on June 20, 2023

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Podcast Episode Number: #197

Date Published: 06/20/2023

Episode Length: 58:56

Show Notes:

197 – Heather Lahtinen is not fearless.

I know, right? It's hard to believe. However, earlier this month, while we converged in Charlotte, North Carolina, with five pet photographers wanting to up their game at Progress Lab, I learned one of Heather's greatest fears.




Heather, Jessica Wasik and another photographer were driving to our next location when …


Holy sh*t. There's a snake on the car. On the windshield. Staring Heather down like he wanted to come through that glass and eat her.


She called me. Screaming.


And you know Heather doesn't swear (much) but all I heard was Samuel L. Jackson yelling “mothereffing snakes on the mothereffing plane.”


When the dust settled (or more accurately, when they pulled over and let the snake slither away), Heather learned a new perspective for her coaching clients: that you have to face whatever terrifies you. And the more you do that, the less terrifying it becomes.


In this week's Hair of the Dog podcast episode, Heather and I talk through those terrors we all face and relate them to one of our favorite books, The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan.


According to Heather, we must tackle those scary, negative thoughts in our heads (the gap) and make a choice to focus on the progress we're making (the gain).


It can't be that hard, right? Wrong. We know it can be. Join us for this episode and we'll make it less scary.

What to Listen for:

15:31 How to stop playing the comparison game

21:12 The consequences to hanging out in the gap

25:20 Why negative thoughts are a part of being human

44:46 How to find your winning vibe

50:17 The good and the bad of a $5K sale


You guys, there is so much goodness to get out of The Gap and the Gain, so Heather and I are hosting a Power Hour centered around our key takeaways from the book. Register here for this unique event during which we'll examine how we can harness the power of the Gain and let the Gap slither into the darkness. The replay will be available in the community.


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