Website Copy for the Win with Kim Wishcamper

Writing your website is hard. This week's episode will make it easier. Copywriter (and fellow pet photographer) Kim Wishcamper joins me to talk about common website mistakes, along with specific, actionable ways to make your site more personable and much more powerful!
Launched on December 8, 2020


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Podcast Episode Number: 043

Date Published: 12/08/2020

Episode Length: 46:40

Show Notes:

Here's something they don't teach you in school: how to write a compelling, high-converting website for your business. And without that critical copywriting know-how, trying to conjure up words for your website can cause your brain to melt. It's painful.

In this week's episode, I chat with fellow pet photographer and copywriter for the pet industry Kim Wishcamper. She shares some essential ingredients for an effective website, and gives us real-world examples of what to write to win over potential customers. Loads of actionable info in this episode!

What To Listen For:

  • A simple way to reduce your bounce rate
  • The subtle shift in your website copy that makes a dramatic difference
  • Specific examples of sentences edited to be more powerful
  • Why no one cares about your styrene-mounted prints!
  • Which punctuation marks to embrace and which to avoid (yep, it matters)
  • Formatting tips to make your visitors linger longer

You'll also find a handy checklist linked in the show notes below, with tips from our convo plus a few extras. Use it to audit your website and see which copy improvements you can make.

Hungry for more high-level help with copywriting and the other critical pieces of your business? Join me, Kim and five other (ridiculously talented) coaches inside the Hair of the Dog Elevate program for laser-focused support on building the business of your dreams. Applications open now!

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