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“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” – Amy Collette

Here at Hair of the Dog HQ, I take our commitment to our students and our community seriously, for it is each one of you that actually inspire me – each of you fuels my why. If I can help just one person find the courage to not only feel that it’s ok to stick a flag into their dreams and claim them – but then to take action on them – it lights me up.  Thank you for being part of this community and here’s to your inevitable success.

“(Nicole is)… ‘straight to the point'. Also ‘smart', ‘no nonsense' (in a good way!), ‘supportive', ‘inspiring' and ‘motivational”


“(Nicole's) enthusiasm for the ‘boring' business stuff is inspiring. It's not boring anymore and what I learned is already making a positive difference to my business. ”


“Nicole is a self-admitted geek who's true love of numbers and passion for productivity will make you see your business in a new way.” 


“Nicole is one of the most organized professionals I have ever worked with. As a tutor and mentor she is enthusiastic has an incredible sense for business, efficiency, productivity and so much more. Her workflow is an eye opener with nothing slipping through the cracks. It's about streamlining and automation with never forgetting that your client in number one. Nicole has an outgoing and fun personality which makes the business side of photography exciting.” 


“Nicole explains complex topics such as profitability and pricing in an easy to understand way. She helps those who are non-business minded understand the complexities of the business side of being a photographer / running a profitable photography business.”


“Nicole goes the extra mile to explain the WHY behind the numbers. For photographers, it's so important to understand the WHY or oopppssss you are out of business! She is a very motivational speaker as well and her enthusiasm and excitement for the business has rubbed off on me and I dare say many of my fellow students!”


“Nicole's infectious enthusiasm for all things organizational and efficient makes learning the business end of photography just as fun as the time you spend with your camera. She really wants you to succeed as a photographer and she will teach you how to do it!”


“I was really conflicted about signing up for the Business of Pet Photography. I have a degree in business management and have run businesses (although never my own) and only do pet photography part time with no intention to go full time until my spouse retires in several more years. But, I am also a huge fan of learning and “doing things right” so I made the leap and signed up.

Hands down, best investment in my pet photography career. The information Nicole shares in the class is incredible. The sales session process is my favorite and really helped me get through the first few awkward sales sessions because I had a script. I made my highest sale to date after completing the course (just over $4,000) and have had a consistent average of $1750 since completing the course.

I continue to watch the Office Hours videos and learn more. I have also gone back and rewatched the videos many times as I reached new challenges in my business or just needed a refresher before walking into a sales session.

The facebook group has been another wealth of knowledge with a great group of other pet photography professionals. I have loved celebrating their success and learning from their experiences as well. Nicole has truly built an incredible community within the group.

I am currently working my way through the Online Summit and have so many ideas for my business!

In fact, I am now considering going full time into pet photography in the next year!”


“I did not believe anyone could be that enthustiastic about every step in the process of photography. She is as enthusiastic about workflow, emails, clients, photoshop and apps, as she is about puppies! Amazing! She goes way beyond what I expected a tutor would do to help her students, and made us feel adopted. 😀 So much love!”


“Who else loves to go back and listen to Nicole's Hair of the Dog Academy Office Hours? I've been a member for a few years now and STILL find nuggets of great information. Thanks Nicole!”


I broke through my $1000 sales barrier! After my laser coaching with Nicole I was finally able to start letting go of my blocks and start approaching sales without feeling sleazy and terrified. Now I've actually made a sale at every sales session and finally broke that four-figure sale that eluded me for so long!


“Just wanted to let you know that I watched your videos on IPS Mastermind and thought they were great.  In previous silent auctions I donated a framed print or canvas print but now I'm going to try a credit instead.

I remember you and I met at Imaging USA the previous year (2017).  It was at the pet photography meetup you created.  I mentioned that I was attempting to donate to a ton of auctions and showed you the spreadsheet.  Well my numbers are in…  

We donated to 78 auctions for 2017.  Many people did not claim their certificate but for those who did, the average additional purchase amount was $1558.  We had multiple sales over $2,000 and $3,000 and our highest was $5,630!  In total $43,620.00 of our gross sales this year came from silent auctions.

Anyway, I'm going to make a few changes like you mentioned in your video and keep seeing what works.  If anyone is on the fence about silent auctions just give them my numbers.”


“(Nicole) makes the business side of photography as streamlined and as efficient as possible.”


“This is such a great resource with helpful information and great support! Nicole is an expert in her field and graciously shares what she knows.”


“Nicole has such a gift in being able to reach the heart of our fears in business and challenge our limiting beliefs. My business is now profitable and working for me because of what she's taught me.”


“Thank you Charlotte. Amazing is all I can say. I only started the course a few weeks ago and have found Critiques to been one of the most helpful things to help my composition and editing. I still have a long way to go but I will watch them over and over and I know they will continue to help me improve. I look forward to next months and will get brave and submit one of mine. Thanks again. Cheers” 


“I am so glad that I joined the Hair of the Dog Academy! Without it, I would have never considered being an actual “pet photographer”. I've been working through the Business of Pet Photography and plugging away at my to-do list. The result? I've been getting awesome reviews and my October is booked! To think that I never really considered being paid at the beginning of the year to joining in May and being booked in October!”


“About 2 years ago, I participated in a 3-day portrait workshop offered by a well-known photography studio in my area. At the time, they highly encouraged me to start my own business, but I didn't have the confidence in my own work or the business know-how to feel comfortable doing so. Joining the Academy changed my life! Not only has the group been incredibly supportive but I now have all of the tools I needed to start my business – which I finally did!”


“During my time in the Hair of the Dog Academy, I've revamped my entire pricing guide, changed my session fee into a print credit, and changed all of my product pricing. My last three sales have been $4600, $2800, and $3200! I'm super excited to see what the future holds and can't wait for the snow to fall so I can keep digging into the rest of the Academy!”


“Thank you so much for picking me to be the first (eeek!) laser coaching call you did. I'm so excited about all the things we talked about and I'm ready to get moving on my business! 

My testimonial is below, you've been such a wealth of knowledge and an encourager throughout this whole process for me, thank you for all that you do!

Nicole is incredible. I purchased The Business of Pet Photography before I officially started my business. I had no idea what I was doing, only that I wanted to take pictures of puppies and somehow pay the bills with it! Nicole walks you through all the business basics, how to set up your business for success, how to price yourself, how to market your business, she goes over everything you need to be a successful pet photographer. Nicole is a wealth of knowledge and I am so thankful for her guidance getting my business up and running!”


Join the Academy

Here's just a taste of what you will have access to inside the Hair of the Dog Academy:

  • The Business of Pet Photography course
  • Post-Processing for Pet Photographers course
  • Pet Photography EDU course by Kim Hartz
  • Instagram for Pet Photographers by Tori Mistick
  • Office Hours with Nicole Begley
  • Critique Corner with Charlotte Reeves
  • 1:1 Laser Coaching with Nicole Begley
  • Guest Instructors from the world's leading pet photographers

And if all that isn't enough, Academy members have access to some of the best pet photographers in the world in our private Facebook group.

You'll feel understood, supported and inspired.

If you are ready to become the pet photographer that you want to be – the Hair of the Dog Academy can help you get there.


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